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Date & time May 3
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Obfuscating Biological Sequences to Ethically Reveal Vulnerabilities

Do you want to put your engineering biology expertise toward a good cause and help keep DNA sequences that could be misused from falling into the wrong hands? Join us for OBSERV to help identify vulnerabilities in sequence screening systems and compete for your share of $5000 in total prizes!

Prizes generously sponsored by Twist Bioscience.

Registration closes April 29


For more information, please check out our Event Guidelines or contact the organizers at [email protected].

What: OBSERV is a multi-week virtual challenge designed to identify vulnerabilities in DNA sequence screening algorithms by leveraging the expertise of small teams of students and postdocs.

Why: OBSERV aims to build and promote a security-conscious community within engineering biology by enabling early-career researchers to collaborate with commercial gene synthesis providers and biosecurity experts. We believe that students and postdocs bring creativity and fresh perspectives that can uniquely enable them to identify unknown gaps in current sequence screening methodologies. The broader biotechnology community can utilize these findings to improve current screening practices and inform future governance of gene synthesis technologies.

Who: To register, you must

  • Be a student or postdoc at a university, non-profit research institution, or National/U.S. Government Lab located within the U.S., AND
  • Be a member of the EBRC Student and Postdoc Association OR be a member of an EBRC-affiliated lab, AND
  • Have attended or registered for an upcoming Department of Homeland Security-sponsored virtual Malice Analysis workshop, AND
  • Attend a virtual Kickoff Event that summarizes event rules and expectations

Registrants will compete in teams of three. Pre-formed teams are welcome and individuals who register without a team will be assigned to a team by the event organizers. This event is capped at 20 teams. Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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