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Assessing locally-led anticipatory action options to climate induced humanitarian crises in East Africa


Date & time Nov 21
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The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Creator LouiseLHarris
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Assessing locally-led anticipatory action options to climate induced humanitarian crises in East Africa

Dr Fiona Borthwick, Prof. Alan Duncan and Joanne Grace (Save the Children)

Closing Date:  5th January 2022

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Emerging evidence is beginning to show the extent to which forecast-based actions could protect lives and livelihoods. A disconnect still remains however between scientists, technicians/practitioners and the knowledge and lived experiences of those most affected by both slow and rapid onset disasters and the gendered coping strategies they have at their disposal, or would choose if resources were available. This gap threatens to both reduce the agency of children, women, men and whole communities in building their own resilience to ever increasing climate shocks as well as to reduce the impact and effectiveness of resilience building and early action efforts. The aim of the PhD studentship would be two-fold:

  1. To develop a greater understanding of the preferred and gendered coping mechanisms of women, men, child-headed households and whole communities to prepare for, mitigate, and recover from rapid and slow onset crisis in highly vulnerable pastoral and agro-pastoral settings

  1. To explore how best to link the knowledge of women and men from affected communities with scientists, policy makers and practitioners to ensure appropriate resilience building and protection measures are in place that take into account the different needs of children, women and men in highly vulnerable pastoral communities.


Carthy, A. & Addison, S. Humanitarian action is part of climate response – but must be early and locally led. (2021). International Institute for Environment and Development.


Anticipatory Action Plan For Drought in Ethiopia. (2020). United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


de Geoffroy, V., Knox Clarke, P., Bhatt, M. and Grunewald, F. (2021) Adapting humanitarian action to the effects of climate change. London: ALNAP.


Funding information and application procedures:

This opportunity is open to UK and international students and provides funding to cover stipend, tuition fees and consumable/travel costs.  Applications including a statement of interest and full CV with names and addresses (including email addresses) of two academic referees, should be emailed to [email protected].

When applying for the studentship please state clearly the project title/s and the supervisor/s in your covering letter.


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