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The Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies Postgraduate Research Conference



Date & time Jul 27, 10:00AM
Ends on Jul 27, 06:00PM
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The Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies Postgraduate Research Conference

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The First CSCS Postgraduate Research Conference: Conflict, Rebellion and Popular Protest

About this event

The CSCS is thrilled to announce its first postgraduate research conference, 'Conflict, Rebellion and Popular Protest', celebrating and sharing postgraduate research in Scottish and Celtic studies. We are pleased to invite all interested parties to attend. The event schedule is available below, with additional information and speaker biographies available here.

The conference will be held entirely online through Zoom. Attendees will be provided the Zoom webinar link to the event in advance and are welcome to join the event at any point.

10:00am - Opening Remarks

10:15am - Gaelic Languages, Histories and Linguistics Panel

Gall Gaedhel and Echtrainn: Gaels and Norse in Pre-Norman Ireland and the Isles: Annie C. Humprey

Storytelling as Feminist Rebellion: Tales of the Mingulay Midwife: Isla Parker

New Speakers, New Norms: Manx Language Revitalization and Linguistic Change: Erin McNulty

11:45am - Colonial and Imperial Conflicts Panel

Irish Jacobite Revolts against the Glorious Revolution in the Caribbean: Harry Lewis

Scottish Orientalism: A Distinctive Scottish Attitude in the British Colonial Enterprise in India: Subhashis Pan

Two Scotsmen in China in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Zhuodan Yao

1:00pm - Lunch

2:00pm - Conflict at Home, Protests and Perceptions Panel

The Contradiction of Gaelic Involvement in the 1644-45 Royalist Rebellion: Recovering Repressed Memories from Scotland's Formative Period: Johnnie Gallacher

Geographies of Assertion: Protest and Resistance on the Annexed Estates 1752-1784: Juliette Desportes

3:00pm - Conflict in Contemporary Media Panel

Outlander's Jamie Fraser: Rebel or Hero?: Alexandra Dold

Conflicting Narratives - Narratives of Conflict? Popular Activism and Media Representations During the 2014 Referendum Debate: Maike Dinger

4:00pm - Keynote Speakers

Negotiating Family, Navigating Conflict: Women in the Courts of Early Modern Scotland: Dr Rebecca Mason

Where Power Lies: Contesting Authority in Scotland during the British Civil Wars, 1638-1651: Dr Andrew Lind

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