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Small Scale, Big Impact: Hosting an Event



Date & time Jul 29, 04:00AM
Ends on Jul 29, 05:00AM
Creator lhammes
Category meetup

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Small Scale, Big Impact: Hosting an Event

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How do you manage a nervous guest? Or what can you do if no-one asks any Questions at your panel?

About this event

Join Paul Richards in this Q&A webinar to discuss methods and tips on how to MC, host and interview guests as part of your event regardless of whether it's online, in person or hybrid. With over two decades of commercial radio and TV experience, Paul has plenty of tips to make sure your event comes across natural and engaging.

This is the sixth and final event as part of the Small Scale: Big Impact series delivered to support event organisers with core event-management skills. This event is hosted in partnership by Inspiring the ACT and the Australian Science Communicators (ACT branch).

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