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Postdoctoral Scholars in Pediatric Oncology Summit- April 29th- 30th 2024


Date & time Apr 28
Philadelphia, PA
Creator CHOPpostdocs
Category conference
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Postdoctoral Scholars in Pediatric Oncology Summit- April 29th- 30th 2024

A Brief Overview

The Center for Childhood Cancer Research (CCCR) will host the 2024 Research Recruitment Summit for Postdoctoral Scholars in Oncology on April 29-30, 2024. 

Apply here: https://redcap.chop.edu/surveys/?s=EY3Y9Y8YELNNXYA9. After you register for the event....

The goal of this event is to bring talented late-stage graduate students and junior postdoctoral fellows onsite to (1) meet with faculty who are recruiting postdocs to work in cutting-edge research labs and learn more at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and to (2) engage with expert faculty on both campuses that are experts in disciplines related to cancer biology. 

The Children's Center for Cancer Research (CCCR) is a collaboration of nationally recognized faculty from both CHOP and Penn. The center is focused on clinical and translational science with a particular emphasis on the development of immunotherapies, treatments for brain tumors, Neuroblastoma (NBL), and the Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Program (CVAP).


Late-stage graduate students (within one year of completing their graduate programs) and junior postdoctoral fellows (within one to two years of receiving their doctoral degree) are eligible to apply. Candidates within the United States, including those in the Philadelphia area and region, are invited to apply. Selected candidates who live more than 50 miles from the city of Philadelphia will be eligible for coverage of travel costs.

After you register, please complete the application- link here https://redcap.chop.edu/surveys/?s=EY3Y9Y8YELNNXYA9

Candidates from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.


Application Process:

Reminder: you must register AND complete the application https://redcap.chop.edu/surveys/?s=EY3Y9Y8YELNNXYA9 by February 14th, 2023, to be considered. Selected applicants will receive notice of acceptance no later than March 2024

Salary information:

Years of Experience


1= $65,500

2= $66,000

3 =$66,500

4= $67,000


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