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NAV Conference 2022


Date & time Jun 15 '22
Ends on Jun 17 '22
University of Genoa, Lig., Italy
Creator LouiseLHarris
Category conference
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NAV Conference 2022

The NAV conference, organizedby “Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale”, is the major Italian scientific event on marine technology issues. The last edition was held in Trieste in 2018 and, after the postponing of 2022 due to COVID-19, we are now organising the new edition. The NAV 2022 conference will take place in three days, covering the whole spectrum of maritime technology themes, with particular attention to new methods for the use of the sea as a source of energy and resources. About 100 papers are expected which will be shown in parallel sessions and in conjunction with specific workshops.

The NAV 2022 conference will take place in Genoa, with the aim of highlighting the scientific, technological and industrial world. For this purpose, a Committee of Honor with the personalities of excellence of the International maritime cluster has been set up, giving them the role of “ambassadors” of the conference.

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