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Succeeding in Your Future as a Postdoc


Date & time Apr 14
Creator lilgardt
Category webinar
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Succeeding in Your Future as a Postdoc

Postdoc tenure during the career journey of researchers is very critical for success in professional life. But most international postdoc aspirants have little knowledge of the postdoc ecosystem and often make the wrong choice in selecting a postdoc opportunity (lab/PI).

Many people in iSTEMCare community requested for the guidance and support about finding a postdoc and also how to make their ongoing postdoc as a successful. So here we bring a comprehensive webinar about the same.
During this webinar, Dr Thalyana Stathis, the career advisor for postdocs and PhD students at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York City (USA), will give a presentation discussing the following topics:

  • Why consider doing a postdoc as part of your career
  • Types of career options and learning goals to have for your postdoc
  • How to be a strong candidate
  • How to find a postdoc
  • How to apply for a postdoc
  • How to choose a postdoc advisor and lab
  • How to learn about important resources at an institution
  • How to be productive and achieve your goals during your postdoc
  • How to utilize supportive networks during your postdoc
  • How to launch your career after your postdoc

Dr Stathis will also share stories of international scientists who did their postdocs at MSKCC and are now pursuing successful careers inside and outside of academia in the US, back in their home country, or in another country.


This event is organized by iSTEMCare, a global STEM-Career-Navigation support network as part of the Industry Transition Training (iCTT) Program and is open to everyone.

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